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Audible Shriek Theater


Old-time Radio Horror

how do I turn this thing on?
I want my old time radio horror! Radio Interment Plot -or- Radio Internet Plot

Station Links

Sleep No More / Theater Ten-Thirty / Theater Five   (free stream)
Strange Radio   (Live365 members)
Nightfall   (Live365 members)


1/2/15:  Sleep No More, Theater Ten-Thirty, and
Theater Five are now playing on the free stream.

12/20/14:  The Nightfall station program lineup has changed.

9/25/14:  "Strange Radio" replaces "Serial Thrillers".

8/2/14:  13 years! Happy triskaidekanniversary Audible Shriek Theater!

8/2/11:  Happy Birth-Decade Audible Shriek Theater!!!
Ten Years of Free Fears for the ears.


Below is a tentative schedule for the free stream for the coming year.

January 2015 Sleep No More / Theater Ten-Thirty / Theater Five
February 2015 Black Mass / Dark Fantasy
March 2015 "Horror Smorgasbord"
April 2015 The Witch's Tale
May 2015 Mysterious Traveler / Sealed Book / Strange Dr. Weird
June 2015 Inner Sanctum
July 2015 Inner Sanctum
August 2015 The Weird Circle
September 2015 CBS Radio Mystery Theater
October 2015 Edgar Allan Poe / Halloween Shows
November 2015 The Hermit's Cave / Quiet Please
December 2015 "Horror Smorgasbord"

Check this site periodically for program schedules.

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