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how do I turn this thing on?
I want my old time radio horror! Radio Interment Plot -or- Radio Internet Plot

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Hall Of Fantasy   OFFLINE
Serial Thrillers   OFFLINE
Mindwebs   OFFLINE


2/2/16:  After a nearly 15 year run on Live365, it appears that service has bitten the dust.
The station streams are all offline now while I look for a broadcasting alternative.
But so far, nothing I've found is compatible with the format I have. Keep looking.

1/3/16:  The Hall Of Fantasy is now playing on the monthly stream.
Please note that this stream has changed to Live365 member-only listening.

12/28/15:  Mindwebs replaces "BBC Horror and Ghost Stories".

9/27/15:  "Serial Thrillers" continue with Cobra King Strikes Back,
Moon Over Africa, and Temple Of Vampires.

9/3/15:  Some very important information folks. Please read on.

After more than 14 years of maintaining one free stream for our listeners,
it appears that starting next month it may become necessary to make
all three streams available only to live365 members.

The free stream is no longer self-supporting
due to fewer member listening hours.

The only way to keep one stream free is for more listeners to
sign up to live365 memberships and choose the free stream as your favorite.
Or, for those who already are members to
play the free stream more often.

Whatever happens, Audible Shriek Theater will continue to stream old-time radio horror.
In the future though, with regrets, it may be a members-only show.


Below is the schedule that might have been.

January 2016 The Hall Of Fantasy
February 2016 Lights Out
March 2016 "Midnight Frights"
April 2016 Escape
May 2016 Suspense
June 2016 CBS Radio Mystery Theater
July 2016 Sleep No More / Theater Ten-Thirty / Theater Five
August 2016 The Black Mass / Dark Fantasy
September 2016 "Horror Smorgasbord"
October 2016 Halloween shows
November 2016 The Witch's Tale
December 2016 Inner Sanctum

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