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how do I turn this thing on?
I want my old time radio horror! Radio Interment Plot -or- Radio Internet Plot

Station Links

The CBS Radio Mystery Theater   (free stream)
Serial Thrillers   (Live365 members)
BBC Horror & Ghost Stories   (Live365 members)


9/1/15:  The CBS Radio Mystery Theater is now playing on the free stream.

6/24/15:  "BBC Horror and Ghost Stories" replace Nightfall.

3/27/15:  "Serial Thrillers" return with City Of The Dead,
Dead Men Prowl, and Land Of The Living Dead.

8/2/14:  13 years! Happy triskaidekanniversary Audible Shriek Theater!

8/2/11:  Happy Birth-Decade Audible Shriek Theater!!!
Ten Years of Free Fears for the ears.


Below is a tentative schedule for the free stream for the coming year.

September 2015 CBS Radio Mystery Theater
October 2015 Edgar Allan Poe / Halloween Shows
November 2015 The Hermit's Cave / Quiet Please
December 2015 "Horror Smorgasbord"
January 2016 The Hall Of Fantasy
February 2016 Lights Out
March 2016 "Midnight Frights"
April 2016 Escape
May 2016 Suspense
June 2016 CBS Radio Mystery Theater
July 2016 Sleep No More / Theater Ten-Thirty / Theater Five
August 2016 The Black Mass / Dark Fantasy

Check this site periodically for program schedules.

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